Andon is a lantern that has been used for a long time in Japan, with its warmth it creates a calm atmosphere. This Japanese lantern and shamisen are combined in SHAMIKO Andon. Japanese paintings and shadow style paintings are illuminated by the light installed in the guitar body.

When you play this SHAMIKO Andon, it is incredibly unique as the guitar body shines creating one of the kind performances.

The unique combination of audio and visual art creates a lasting impression of Japanese culture. 

Use Andon SHAMIKO as an Interior  

Andon SHAMIKO lights up the space while projecting fascinating Japanese art. If you use it as indirect lighting at the bedside, the soft light has a relaxing effect that even makes you comfortably fall in sleep.

Make your performance memorable.

The body of Andon SHAMIKO shines when you play. This is one of the kinds among any existing guitars in the world. There is nothing more to making the performance memorable than playing Andon SHAMIKO.