What is SHAMIKO?

SHAMIKO is a three-string musical instrument that was developed based on a traditional Japanese string instrument called "Shamisen." The "Shamisen” has been actively played in Japan since 500 years ago and still popular in the modern era.

* SHAMIKO is made smaller and lighter than the traditional Shamisen so it is very convenient to carry. 

* We use state-of-the-art materials for the guitar faces and threads so it is used for a long time without getting damaged. 

* SHAMIKO is made for beginner guitar players which can be enjoyed playing by everyone. Enjoy performing your new guitar from the day you bought!

Product Construction

The body of SHAMIKO is made of wood as a conventional Shamisen, using a masu, a traditional wooden measuring cup in Japan. A round hole was created to produce the sound in the back of the body. The combination of squares and circles is the simplest and the most powerful design that shows the spirit of “discipline” and “harmony” of the Japanese people. The Japanese flag is exactly this design and the Dohyo Sumo Wrestling Ring is also of the same design.

Face Skin

One of the key features is the face skin that is featured on the center of the body. The traditional Shamisen used dog or cat skin, however, it absolutely makes no sense in this day to use such animal skins. Instead, we use “paper” for the face skin. Many people are surprised when they learn that “paper” is used for the instrument. The face skin of SHAMIKO is made mainly from pulp produced using a special manufacturing method. Not only does the face skin not break, but the paper resonates with an exceptionally clear sound. Another advantage of adopting “paper” is that it can be painted. Since it is paper, it acts as a canvas.  Various art materials can be used to decorate the paper and the instrument can be finished with original artwork.

SHAMIKO is an integration with art, pursuit of functionality with so many design variations to choose from.

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Authentically Japanesese

The development of SHAMIKO began with the idea to revive the traditional Japanese stringed instrument called the shamisen.

Supreme Craftsmanship

Each instrument is painstakingly constructed by hand to ensure quality, durability and authenticity

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